Thursday, April 14, 2011

ACTS 29 Multipurpose Community Center (original)

  Fall 2009
   This was my first really intense Architecture project done for school. Based on the idea of multiple cells creating a whole being. This is a project I have always wanted to come back to but just never found the motivation. These are the final boards. I wasn't happy with the quality of any of the individual images as of right now.

So Here I Am

Been doing work for so long that even I am surprised that I haven't started one of these to keep track of all the things I have done. In the end I hope it will bring me back to old projects and give me some incentive to take them to the level I intended as well as allow me to display new works, get feed back (hopefully) and just in general have a good time.
     So here is the plan: I will try to release one past project every other week until I run out of work and as I am doing this I will be putting in some more time into those projects, some before-and-afters will ensue I am sure.
    On the off weeks I will be trying to upload new material or benchmarks of where I am currently.