Sunday, December 11, 2016

No Disintegrations

After getting my 3D printer I did some fooling around with it, printing random designs and small projects that didn't go anywhere. My first completed projected was a Boba Fett helmet I made for my wife.

     Modeled in Autodesk Alias, She wanted it to be a newer looking version of Boba's helmet, so no dents or weathering. Here is the finished product:


    Pieces printed in ABS plastic, fused together using an ABS-Acetone slurry. Used spackle to fill in some cracks and imperfections.

Coating of filler primer to fill in the "steps" from the 3D printing process

Next to my unfinished Iron Man helmet

Spraying on the dark green for Boba's cheekbones.

Taped off the dark green and sprayed the red

More tape and the final overall green

Finished Paint

Using a heat gun to bend the acrylic for the face mask which I tinted later on

Bonus: my friend trying it on.

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